Free SEO Tool to Monitor Website Changes with Google Spreadsheet

I have created a free SEO tool with Google Spreadsheet to monitor and get email alerts important SEO changes on pages of your or client’s websites like Title, H1, Description, Canonical and also robots.txt. I named it SEOcheck. 🙂

When I started to work as SEO, my colleagues were complaining about our clients were changing important SEO aspects of the pages on the important pages. Later on I searched for tools to monitor changes important elements of the page and could not find any working well, easily ones. I tried to build tools to monitor daily organic traffic and also change monitors like this tool. Today I wanted to share this tool to help you monitor most important pages of your clients’ websites to prevent important SEO crises.

What is SEOcheck?

SEOcheck will be checking 20 most important pages of websites for every 15 minutes and robots.txt for every 30 minutes so you will be able to catch up the important changes nearly as it happens.

Because of the limits of Google App Script, I limited it with 20 URLs. Also most of the websites get mostly all of their traffic from first few pages of them.

Please copy this Google Spreadsheet File to use SEOcheck.

How to Use?

This is the screenshot of the configuration page of the tool. On this stage, you need to fill the fields like Name of Website (It will be used on emails you get, You can name your websites anything you want.) Website will be used for checking robots.txt so you need to put correct URL with “/” end of it. Alerts Emails are the email addresses will be notified if there is an important change. Finally, you can paste Top 20 URLs of your website to monitoring. These URLs will be monitoring for changes. (You can just export the important URLs from Google Search Console, Google Analytics or put the pages important for you.)

Free SEO Tool

After that you will see the custom menu to start your tool to work:

Click to Configure and to start monitoring Titles, Descriptions, H1s and Canonicals for 20 URLs and robots.txt of the website. After you need to give access* the Google App Script code to execute, SEOcheck will be ready.

If you have any important changes on your pages in the URL list you will get Email alert like this:

And if there is a change on your Robots.txt file you will get an email like this:

Thanks 🙂


  1. I am not a programmer, I am just trying to use Google App Script to automate SEO processes so the code and the script created by using, mixing and manipulating other sources so there could be some problems on the tool. I added a line in the main page of the tool to announce if there is a new or fixed version of the tool. There could be some problems on the script please let me know if you found any bugs.
  2. Hope this will be helpful for you 🙂 If you have any comment or questions please write to me

* By giving this access you will give permission to script to operate. This will not give me any access to any of your information. But I have a Google Analytics code on the page after you see after you give the access to monitor the usage of the tool. Also, I added some fields to the right of the grey line on “conf” tab on the spreadsheet file to be in communicate with you if I have anything new to announce.

But this a Google Spreadsheet tool all free and open code so you can change and edit all of the options. 🙂