Easy and Fast Keyword Research Tool with Google Autocomplete API

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When I am doing Keyword research for content, I don’t like to give the keywords and search volumes and say put them into the content to content writers. I think for SEO content and writers should focus on what the audience is searching for on the topics.

Google Autocomplete is an important tool to find out what the people are searching. And interestingly while some of Google API’s are so limited or hard to use, Google Autocomplete API is free, unlimited and works without API key.

So I created a very basic new tool with Google Spreadsheets to make easier and faster Keyword research for SEO and Content writers by this API. It just gives you keywords by the API, very similar to Keywordshitter but searches for the keyword you entered and search again for the suggested keywords of the result keywords.

Keyword Research Tool

To use the tool just copy this Google Spreadsheet file!

Just change the Keyword and Language to get the results!

“KW Research” tab is the main page of the tool. Just change the keyword in the grey area and you will get the autocomplete words.

“ALL KWs” tab will give you the list of all keywords so you can just copy them to share or get search volumes on Google Keyword Planner.

“KW Topics” is the tab, if you are sharing this tool with your content writer. You can just paste your main keywords for the topics and content writer will be able to choose the keyword from the drop-down menu on “KW Research” tab:

Note: I used Google Spreadsheet importjson code of bradjasper. It is also really helpful code to get any JSON content easily to Google Spreadsheet.  https://github.com/bradjasper/ImportJSON


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